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Videos in which I show some of the production processes of sculptures and burned wood tables, as well as some of the most notable projects.

Sculpture in wood

​Production process of one of the solid wood sculptures, from the beginning until the final assembly. 

Ceramic sculpture

Production process of ceramic sculpture.

Burnt wood table I

Production process of one of the burnt wood tables, from selecting the wood at the sawmill to the final finishing.

Burnt wood table II

Production process of burnt wood table made with over 500-year-old Galician chestnut.

Four Seasons

Video of the different sculptures placed in the Four Seasons hotel in Madrid.

Exhibition "Tienen madera" at Álvaro Alcázar Gallery

Production process of large-scale sculpture (3 meters wide) for the exhibition "Tienen madera" at Galería Álvaro Alcázar.

PLANETA Sculpture

Sculpture measuring 250cm placed in the lobby of the PLANETA building located in Barcelona.

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